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At OPJ we cover the full range of legal areas and legal services. In view of this, we constantly work with auditors, appraisers, tax consultants and experts in various fields, in order to provide relevant information and optimal legal solutions.
Labour Law

Labour law is the basis of employment relationships and is as such very important for every employer. A properly regulated area of ​​employment relations, personnel policies and remuneration systems on one hand ensures the successful implementation of tasks and on the other hand stimulates a positive work climate and development of a corporate culture of excellence, which contributes to a good business result.

OPJ’s legal services ensure that the application of labour law is adapted to the business goals of the employer, that all procedures are carried out in accordance with applicable law and that labour law is optimally implemented in the daily life of the company.

We provide companies with:

  • legal opinions or interpretation of employment regulations,
  • monitoring and acquainting them with the latest labour law legislation and proposing appropriate solutions,
  • proposals of (re) organization or work process optimization,
  • drafting of internal acts (systematization, reward system, education system…),
  • communication with institutions related to the field of employment,
  • all procedures relating to the employment of employees,
  • preparation of employment contracts,
  • preparation of acts related to the termination of the employment contract,
  • connecting and supporting payments from employment relationships,
  • employment of foreigners: obtaining work permits, residence permits, recognition of education,
  • legal certainty in talent development procedures, monitoring the careers of employees and assistance with demanding annual interviews
Commercial and Company Law

Commercial law is a dynamic area of law that is rapidly evolving and normatively upgrading.

Our work in this area includes:

  • advice and assistance in establishing companies and other legal entities,
  • leading and representing at general meetings of companies,
  • recapitalisations of companies and measures to reduce the share capital of companies,
  • status changes and transformations of companies,
  • acquisitions and mergers,
  • commercial contracts and transactions,
  • international trade law,
  • economic disputes,
  • insurance and recovery of debts.

In OPJ we pay special attention to current institutes, especially in the field of stock law, such as special rights of minority shareholders, special and extraordinary audits, enforcement of claims, exclusions and withdrawals of shareholders, one-tier and two-tier management system, cross-border mergers, property transfers…

Prevention and Resolution of Disputes

We manage risks and prevent disputes in the planning and execution of legal transactions. Based on our experience, we help you avoid possible disputes from the very beginning, therefore saving money and time required by lengthy litigation with an uncertain outcome and more importantly maintaining good business relationships with your partners.

However, when a dispute arises, we always seek the most effective solution to the dispute with the parties, often through alternative dispute resolution procedures, which include, inter alia, mediation and arbitration.

When litigation is unavoidable, you may rely on the experience of our legal experts to ensure that your interests are fully met.

Real Estate and Construction Law

Our experts advise clients on all aspects of transactions involving acquisition, disposal or financing of real estate. Our main concern is that our clients are never exposed to unnecessary risks when performing a real estate transaction.

We provide comprehensive advice to clients in the design of real estate and construction projects, which includes a careful inspection of suitable real estate and the arrangement of all necessary building permits. When carrying out construction projects, we draw up construction contracts and other documents for clients and help them find contractors, designers, supervisors and other partners.

Our services in the field of construction law are in particular:

  • participation in negotiations with contractors, designers, supervisors, etc.,
  • coordination and composition of construction contracts,
  • regulating the administration and assisting with administrative procedures,
  • consulting during the construction, interpretation of contracts and construction customs, enforcement of claims during construction,
  • representation in construction disputes,

We also cooperate with geodetic experts in the implementation of real estate distribution and condominiums of multi-apartment buildings.

Insolvency Law and Financial Restructurings

Uncertain economic conditions and increasing competition may often lead to financial difficulties. If you are a creditor of an insolvent company or a manager/owner of an insolvent company, these are often complex issues and a comprehensive understanding of the legal framework, economic relations and financial indicators is required.

In the field of insolvency law and restructuring, more precisely in financial restructuring procedures, we advise to eliminate the causes of the debtor’s insolvency and to establish short-term and long-term solvency. We advise clients on the sale of bad debts, preventive restructuring, bankruptcy proceedings, compulsory settlement proceedings and compulsory winding-up proceedings.

Clients whose business partners find themselves in trouble may always turn to us for advice on the most effective insurance and repayment of their debts.

Intellectual Property

The basic concept of protection of intellectual property rights enables the transformation of knowledge into capital.

Generally speaking, intellectual property encompasses rights arising from intellectual activity in the industrial, scientific, literary and artistic fields.

Traditionally intellectual property is divided into two parts:

  • industrial property (basic categories are patent, trademark, model or sample (industrial design), designations of origin and company or trade name)
  • copyright and related rights, such as the rights of performers, publishers, phonogram producers, producers…

Formally, it is broader, because it also covers the protection of competition (against unfair competition).

Intellectual creations, such as an idea for an invention, a musical work, or a trademark, cannot, as is the case with physical objects, be protected from use by third parties solely by owning them. Once an intellectual creation is available to the public, its creator may no longer control its use. This basic fact, namely the inability to protect something by possession alone, defines the whole concept of intellectual property laws.

At OPJ, we specialize in advising on the optimal protection of intellectual property rights, and we advise in all legal procedures for their protection.

Public Procurement

For many companies, public procurement accounts for a significant portion of their revenues. An up-to-date overview of complex and rapidly changing regulations is key to maximum success. The field of public procurement is regulated in great detail, especially the procedure where tenderers have to react quickly to possible breaches of contracting authorities and therefore secure the rights granted to them by law.

We provide clients with all the necessary information on how to start, where to obtain the necessary documentation, how to find out about public procurement, what are the procurement procedures, technical-administrative specifics, possible legal procedures, revision, etc.

Sports Law

Most of the employees in OPJ were active (semi) professional athletes, so this area is close to us and we know it from all angles from personal experience (athlete, club, sports institutions, sports disputes, sponsorships).

Our services include, but are not limited to:

  • contractual regulation of sponsorship, media and licensing rights,
  • legal advice on doping,
  • consulting on sponsorship agreements (agency),
  • composition of founding acts (statute, rules of procedure, etc.),
  • composition of rules (competition, disciplinary, player registration, etc.),

composition of forms (statement, player loan, etc.).

Fintech and Digitalisation

The digital economy is putting increasing pressure on businesses to rebuild their foundations. In order to exist on the market, companies have to focus on the digitalisation of those areas where possible.

In the field of digitalisation, completely new legal issues are emerging, where several different legal areas are intertwined. We offer customers legal support in the introduction of digitalization in their business system and in ensuring business in accordance with the law.

Mediation Centre

The mediation center allows you to resolve the dispute amicably. All types of personal and business disputes are possible, case resolution is impartial and in the spirit of a peaceful solution, which is provided by our mediation center and experience in alternative dispute resolution.

Neuroscience and Artificial Intelligence

Neuroscience may help understand human behaviour by explaining the biological and chemical processes that take place in our brains. In addition to understanding human behaviour, it also deals with the cognitive processes that characterize us. Neuroscience is the science of the future. It will help treat both neurological diseases (e.g. Alzheimer’s disease) and psychological ones (e.g. dyslexia). Of course, it also has implications beyond the health sciences, from the brain-computer interface like Neuralink to the spread of human reality.

The future of neuroscience and artificial intelligence is strongly intertwined. Neuroscience will provide better contact with artificial intelligence and reduce the gap between human and computing abilities, while artificial intelligence will accelerate and help understand the secrets of our brains.

Of course, the key challenges will be in the direction of finding a legal framework, legal regulations and legal consequences of the interference of technology in the functioning of the human brain.

Mergers and Acquisitions

We advise and assist in the implementation of individual phases of procedures. In particular, we assist clients in preparing invitations to express interest, conducting negotiations, due diligence and conclusion of contracts, all while ensuring the security of the transaction.

In addition, we advise foreign clients on entering the Slovenian market, which mainly includes legal advice on the establishment of Slovenian companies and branches, as well as assistance with corporate and legal issues of company management.

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